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Our capacity for success is tied to our capacity for

emotional intelligence

Are you ready to unlock success in every area of your life?


85% of our financial success is tied to our ability to communicate, negotiate + show up powerfully, in every area of our lives.

As women, we are not taught how to lead assertively or show up fearlessly. We’re taught to force, hustle and grind just like our male counterparts. 

Your ability to communicate with clarity, lead with intention, and negotiate your boundaries are fundamental skills that will not only help you THRIVE professionally, but it will help you personally too. 

People are struggling, more than ever, to navigate their life and their businesses and need real solutions.

Most approaches scratch the surface and leave us feeling frustrated and burnt out.

Our method is different.

We provide a practical, skills-based framework that will allow you to reprogram your mind and change the way you communicate.


Hi, I'm
Dr. Shyamala

I believe that our capacity for happiness, impact + income, is tied to our capacity to lead with confidence.

We all have big plans, families to love, and a contribution to make to the world. I believe that when we access our Emotional Intelligence, we have the capacity for incredible impact.

Through accessible, online programming, we help unlock the skills that literally change people’s lives. Join me. We are about to take your Emotional Intelligence and, ultimately, your life to a whole new level.


I have a deep sense of purpose as a mentor for high powered women, and an even deeper sense of calling in my roles as wife and mother.

My hope each day is to inspire my daughter and to laugh with my husband.


My family, my amazing friends, cuddles with my daughter, dinner with my husband, popcorn and red wine (together), game-changing moments, life-changing people and the power of community.


Dr. Shyamala is an Emotional Intelligence Expert.  Trained in strategic and solution oriented methods for change, her mission is to mentor female entrepreneurs to communicate fearlessly and lead with confidence, so they can execute on their mission at a whole new level.

Dr. Shyamala hold’s a Masters in Counselling and a Doctorate in Marriage and Family; she has been serving her community with passion for almost 20 years.

Dr. Shyamala is a media expert, having appeared on a national television show for nearly a decade and consults for several media publications. She spent several years serving on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Most importantly, she is the Chief Inspiring Officer to her incredible daughter.

Unlock confidence, connection and WILD success in every area of your life.

Still have doubts?

We can help.

We agree completely. Accessing support is a big investment of time and money. While that might work for some, we believe that everyone deserves amazing relationships. We’ve got solutions for you! You can access high quality, strategic support through online courses, online coaching, group programs or a combination. We likely have an option to meet your needs and your budget.

Agreed. Traditional approaches can take months and even years before you begin seeing results. Many clients seek our support when they’ve exhausted other options.  They’ve tried getting help before and all they did was talk, vent and cry without any usable solutions. Good thing we are obsessed with delivering results, quickly and effectively. Most of our clients come to us because they want real, long-term change that doesn’t take forever. After all, you’ve got major contributions to make to the world. Let’s do this!

We hear you. It can be a little intimidating and, at times, simply inconvenient. That’s why we have a unique approach that allows you to access a variety of services at a variety of price points: online courses, online coaching, group programs, or a combination. Most of our services are virtual, so they are accessible from the comfort of your home or office. We are confident that we have a solution that is not only highly effective at helping you crush your goals, but also innovatively accessible.  Are you ready?

This is a no-brainer for us.  We believe that when we support an individual in making changes, their whole life, including everyone in it, changes as well.  Most of our clients are individuals wanting to live their best lives, despite their partner, child, parent, or colleague’s reluctance in joining them.  We don’t have control over others, however, our choices can influence their behaviours. We teach you how to master your mindset and communicate with confidence so that you can build strong relationships.  You got this!





Dr. Shyamala