I help high performing females build lasting relationships.

Dr. Shyamala Kiru

Struggling in your relationships?  Find out why!


Want to feel more calm and connected in your relationships?  


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Our quality of life is
tied to the

Our quality of life is tied to the

Quality of 
 Our Relationships

Quality of Our Relationships

Do you have the habits that fuel
Lasting Relationships?

Do you have the habits that fuel Lasting Relationships?

Most relationships are in a state of distress, simply because we’ve never been taught how to be in one.

We live in a time of unprecedented
stress, pressure and overwhelm.

Relationship distress is a strong predictor of overall dissatisfaction in life and decreased wellness.

People are struggling, more than ever, to navigate their relationships and need real solutions.

Most approaches scratch the surface and leave us feeling frustrated and hopeless.

Our method is different.

We provide a practical, solution-focused framework to build strong relationships quickly, and for the long term.

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Welcome, I'm
Dr. Shyamala

I believe that when we have fulfilling relationships we are able to contribute fully to our mission and show up for the people that matter most.

We all have big plans, families to love, and a contribution to make to the world. I believe that when we master our mindset, communicate with confidence, and build authentic connections, we have the capacity for incredible impact.

Through accessible, online programming, I help build the type of relationships that literally change people’s lives. Join me. We are about to take your relationships and, ultimately, your life to a whole new level.

Comitted to connection

I have a deep sense of purpose as a Relationship Expert and Strategist, and an even deeper sense of calling in my roles as wife and mother.

My hope each day is to inspire my daughter and to laugh with my husband.

Things I love

My family, my amazing friends, cuddles with my daughter, dinner with my husband, popcorn and red wine (together), game-changing moments, life-changing people and the power of community.

The technical version

Dr. Shyamala is a Relationship & Leadership Expert.  Trained in strategic and solution oriented methods for change, her mission is to help people have High Performance Relationships in every area of their life. 

Dr. Shyamala hold’s a Masters in Counselling and a Doctorate in Marriage and Family; she has been serving her community with passion for almost 20 years.

Dr. Shyamala is a media expert, having appeared on a national television show for nearly a decade and consults for several media publications. She spent several years serving on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

Most importantly, she is the Chief Inspiring Officer to her incredible daughter.

Our Communication Audit enables you to identify your Communication Style.

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