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Mindset Mastery

Mindset Mastery is the foundation of our strategic approach for High Performance Relationships. This program is one of the most practical and solution-focused approaches for levelling up your mindset.

Based on leadership and emotional intelligence skills, this course is designed for long-term, sustainable change.  The modules are simple, easy to understand, but most importantly, immediately actionable.

Ready to take radical responsibility for your happiness?

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Mindset Mastery?

Communicate With Confidence

Communicate with Confidence is an essential element of our strategic framework for High Performance Relationships. Communication style is one of the strongest factors in levelling up your emotional intelligence, and ultimately your success in life.

Influenced by leadership skills training, this program is designed to take your communication and ultimately your ability to lead in every area of your life, to the next level.

Communicate with Confidence is incredibly practical, immediately usable and designed to set you up for success in every area of your life.

Ready to communicate and lead with confidence?

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Communicate with Confidence?

Authentic Connection

Authentic Connection is a critical component of our strategic framework. In this final pillar of success, we are truly poised for High Performance Relationships.

This program has been created with your most valued relationships in mind.

Your ability to navigate your relationships is a strong predictor of either relationship distress or relationship success.

Authentic Connection positions you for success in all your relationships, both personally and professionally.

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Amazing Relationships?

The EQ Code

The EQ Code is where the magic happens.  An accelerated program designed for those who are ready to transform their Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and experience success in every area of their life.

Based on our strategic framework for High Performance Relationships, we take each pillar of success and provide a unique, immersive experience designed to deliver the ultimate transformation in Mindset, Communication and Connection.

Ready to up level in every area of your life?



Looking for an exclusive, high-touch, personalized coaching experience?

An immersive coaching experience is available for those go-getters and world-changers that are ready to take their mindset and relationship skills to the next level, both personally and professionally.

Spaces for 1:1 Coaching are available on a limited basis, by application only.

Please note, the programs offered on this website are not Psychotherapy or Psychology services.  If you require clinical services, you may refer to the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario or the College of Psychologists for referrals. Clinical services may be accessed independently at the Kiru Wellness Clinic.