About Me


It was the month of December when I first welcomed my daughter into this world. 

Prior to my transition into motherhood, I was juggling multiple roles as a clinician, fitness instructor, and new wife.

While it was an incredible gift, motherhood brought me to my knees and had me questioning my own capacity for creating impact and growing a successful practice.

Gone were the days where I could work as long as I needed to. I needed to be there for my little girl since my husband had (and still has) a very unforgiving work schedule. 

During her first year of life, I had a lot of sleepless nights, and not just because I had a new baby.

I was ruminating about EVERYTHING, and I spent many nights overthinking myself into a dark hole of “how can I possibly make this work?”

When I sought advice, my colleagues told me that it took a minimum of 5 years of hard hustle and grind to build a remotely profitable business. 

I had no choice but to come face to face with the reality that I needed to make AT LEAST enough to pay the bills, without working evenings and weekends. 

Was this even possible?

Is it possible to work less and still run a profitable, thriving business without losing my mind and myself in the process?


Do you have the skills to predict your success?


As life became more complex, uncertainty and fear of the unknown became part of my new landscape as an entrepreneur.

Self doubt and constant second guessing slowly crept in, disrupting the very foundation of the business and life I was trying so desperately to build.

Overthinking, overworking and relentless overwhelm began to dictate my choices, and ultimately my results.

Eventually, this began a process that completely changed me, both personally and professionally.  

What I learned is that the strongest predictor of our success is NOT our credentials.

It’s not about how hard we hustle either.

The strongest predictors of our financial success stems from our EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

Your ability to…

Communicate fearlessly

Negotiate your boundaries 

Lead with confidence 

is truly what will help you create a thriving business without overworking, overthinking and overwhelming yourself.

Are you ready to navigate your life and your business with confidence and ease?

The realization that I needed to change the way I navigated my life and my business, also changed my life’s mission.

Which is exactly why I created The EQ Code, a proven framework that allows us to scale our businesses, without burning ourselves out. 

In almost 2 decades of Emotional Intelligence coaching, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of clients.

My mission is to help female entrepreneurs communicate fearlessly and lead with confidence, so they can execute their mission at a a whole new level.

When women unlock Emotional Intelligence, we unlock success at a whole new level. This is my life’s mission.


Our capacity for success it tied to our capacity for Emotional Intelligence. Are you ready to SHOW UP POWERFULLY in every area of your life?

Dr. Shyamala