About Me


In 2009, at the age of 32, I had an experience that would change the landscape of my life forever.

I was a newly-wed, about-to-be new mom and just finished my Doctoral degree. I felt like I had it all under control.

My life was wrapped up in a neat little bow.

Until, of course, the very fabric of my bow began to slowly unravel.

Enter: motherhood.

The transition for me, was filled with equal parts gratitude and utter overwhelm.

I had never in my entire life felt so pulled by the pressures of all the roles I played and experienced such a  loss of agency over my own life


Do you have the skills that fuel Emotional Intelligence?


This began a journey that completely changed me, both personally and professionally.

I learned that what is often labeled as low or anxious moods, is in fact an indicator of a larger problem.

The biggest threat to women’s success and overall wellness is a lack of Emotional Intelligence.

My entire life changed through the gift of motherhood, and I was too afraid to make changes to my life and my relationships in order to thrive. 

As women, we are afraid of saying no, failing and letting others down. 

At the core of these fears are threats of abandonment, rejection and isolation.

The realization that I needed to change the way I navigated my relationships, also changed my life’s mission.

This realization lead me to create a unique framework that allows us to  have amazing relationships, and take radical responsibility for our happiness.

Are you ready to navigate your life and your relationships with confidence and ease?

In almost 2 decades of Emotional Intelligence coaching, I’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of clients.

I am committed to supporting high achievers, go-getters and world-changers, not from a diagnostic perspective, but from a strategic, skills-based perspective.

When women unlock Emotional Intelligence, we unlock success at a whole new level. This is my life’s mission.


Our capacity for success it tied to our capacity for Emotional Intelligence. Are you ready to SHOW UP POWERFULLY in every area of your life?

Dr. Shyamala