The EQ Code


The last 2 decades of working with high performing, ambitious women has transformed my understanding of success, both personally and professionally.

Our ability to execute at our fullest potential is tied to our ability to navigate our life + our relationships with ease and confidence.

The problem, for so many women, is a history of people-pleasing, keeping quiet and a lack of boundaries.  Our ability to have the type of success and the type of relationships we desire is influenced by unhealthy templates.  

In order to change these longstanding patterns, we need a strategic framework.


You KNOW that your life is meant for more. Are you ready to get out of your own way and finally unlock your fullest and wildest potential?


When I was at the point of personal burnout, I found my own coach.

That’s right.  Coaches need their own coach.

I started that process feeling helpless, lost and deeply afraid.

What I learned is that what is so often labeled as low or anxious moods was in fact difficulty mastering our emotions and communicating fearlessly.

I needed a strategic framework that would deliver real results, quickly. So I created one.

As women, we need to address 3 key areas in order to build Emotional Intelligence:

First, we need to take radical responsibility for our happiness so that we can engage with others from a deep sense of confidence.  This pillar of success is about EMOTIONAL MASTERY

Second, we need to be intentional and assertive in all of our relationships. This pillar of success is about learning to COMMUNICATE FEARLESSLY.

Finally, we need to navigate boundaries with ease and confidence, so that we can ELEVATE OUR RELATIONSHIPS.

Are you ready to SHOW UP POWERFULLY in every area of your life?

I want to highlight a few things about our approach, as it is radically different from traditional approaches.

I know that you don’t want to sit in an office and talk endlessly about your issues with little or no change.  That’s not our approach.

I know that you don’t want to be given a million handouts that are freely available on Google without seeing any tangible differences in your life.  Again, not our approach.

I also know that for some of you, the idea that we are going to ACTUALLY change the root cause of your dissatisfaction is probably feeling a bit risky.

Here’s the thing.  I deeply believe that the issues that we are so commonly treating in our traditional approaches, are not the actual problem for many of us.

The problem is that we have no idea how to navigate our lives with confidence. So we suffer in silence.


Do you have the skills to elevate your relationships, both personally and professionally?

Dr. Shyamala