EQ Rockstar!

You are rocking the habits of risk-takers, go getters and high performers! Amazing!!

EQ is a strong predictor of overall satisfaction in life and success, both personally and professionally.

You see challenges as opportunities, problems as figure-outable and setbacks as solutions simply waiting to be discovered.

Your ability to balance your emotions with logic, allows you to feel confident when making decisions.

You likely experience YOURSELF as confident, capable and ready to take on the world.

You likely experience YOUR RELATIONSHIPS as safe, connected and fulfilling.

You likely experience THE WORLD as exciting and full of opportunity.

Keep practicing the habits that allow you to regulate your moods, feel confident and rock your relationships!


We work with risk-takers, go-getters and high-performers, just like you, that are all about leveling up their EQ in order to achieve the life of their dreams.

We believe that our capacity for happiness, confidence and contribution is tied to our capacity to navigate our relationships.

We get super stoked about helping people re-wire their brains and their relationships for success.

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