Communication Rockstar (Assertive Style)

You are rocking the habits of the assertive communication style!

The Assertive Communication Style is a strong predictor of relationship satisfaction and one of the foundations of High Performance Relationships. Amazing!!

Characteristics of the Assertive Style include the ability to:

  • Navigate and regulate your own emotions while remaining present and empathic in your conversation
  • Express your needs, wants and desires directly and honestly
  • Balance the art of asking for what you need and being able to accept no
  • Give others the freedom to say no, or disappoint you without negative consequences to the relationship
  • Experience YOURSELF as confident, capable and ready to take on the world
  • Experience YOUR RELATIONSHIPS as safe, connected and fulfilling
  • Experience THE WORLD as exciting and full of opportunity

Keep practicing the habits that allow you to regulate your moods, express your needs and experience freedom in your relationships!


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We believe that our capacity for happiness, confidence and contribution is tied to our capacity to navigate our relationships.

We get super stoked about helping people improve their quality of life through authentic connection.

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