Avoidant Style

The avoidant attachment style, if left unaddressed, can lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness and even overwhelm. 

Characteristics of the Avoidant Style:

  • Discomfort with emotional closeness
  • Feels content interacting on a surface level
  • Often unaware of thoughts and feeling
  • Often detached from emotions, especially during conflict or stress
  • Discomfort in discussing emotions
  • Believes it’s better to “let things go”

Experiences of the Avoidant Style:

  • Experience yourself as a lone wolf, preferring to be alone than in close emotional connections
  • Experience your relationships as empty, unsatisfying and compartmentalized and may become distant when relating to others
  • Experience the world as fluctuating lonely and have an overwhelming sense that no one really understands you
  • During times of stress, find yourself gravitating more heavily towards a negative mindset, struggling with identifying your emotions and become even more detached
  • Find it hard to get close to other and allow others to get close to you


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