Anxious Style

The anxious attachment style, if left unaddressed, can lead to feelings of sadness, loneliness and anxiety.

Characteristics of this Anxious Style:

  • Clinginess in relationships
  • Anxiety about being separate from loved ones
  • Easily overwhelmed by emotions
  • Difficulty separating thoughts and feelings
  • Difficulty being assertive or communicating with confidence

Experiences of the Anxious Style:

  • Experience yourself as fluctuating between confident and insecure at times, particularly in your primary relationships.
  • Experience your relationships as fluctuating between safe and unsettling at times and may become anxious in relating to others.
  • Experience the world as fluctuating between exciting and scary at time. This fluctuation in emotions is likely linked to the quality of your relationships.
  • During times of stress stress, find yourself gravitating more heavily towards a negative mindset, struggling with emotional regulation and become even more anxiously attached
  • Be prone to developing habits that could lead to difficulty managing moods, difficulty making decisions and difficulty navigating your relationships.
  • Find it hard to say no, set boundaries and practice assertiveness in your relationships.


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