Aggressive Style

The Aggressive Communication Style, if left unaddressed, can lead to feelings of intense anger, resentment, frustration and eventual loneliness.

Characteristics of the Aggressive Style:

  • Win at any expense, including at the expense of others
  • Achieve and maintain a sense of control over others
  • Designed to get what you want immediately
  • A way to get even

Behaviours of the Aggressive Style:

  • Express your opinions as though any other view is completely unreasonable or invalid
  • Dismiss, ignore or insult the needs, wants or opinions of others
  • Intimidating others into doing what you want
  • Blowing off steam

Experiences of the Aggressive Style:

  • Shows up as anger
  • Full of victory when you win or are right
  • Afterward, there is often a feeling of guilt for hurting others
  • Need for power and driven by fear
  • Characterized by underlying feelings of guilt (for hurting others) and shame (for not dealing with situations appropriately)
  • During times of stress, find yourself struggling with emotional regulation and become even more aggressive
  • Prone to developing habits that could lead to difficulty managing moods and difficulty navigating your relationships
  • Find it hard to compromise, accept others boundaries and foster intimacy in your relationships


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